The ProjexUI framework is a collection of PyQt widget addons. It is abstract in nature - as it does not apply its own logic or requirements to the plugins. They are simply more robust options for various built-in Qt widgets, as well as a suite of custom widgets to augment the powerful UI framework from Qt


For the latest documentation for the ProjexUI package, see the documentation website

How to Install

We use the Python setuptools system to distribute our frameworks.

once you have downloaded the appropriate easy_install version for your Python installation, simply call:

$ easy_install -U projex
$ easy_install -U projexui

This will install the projex source code, and library to your Python install.

Older Versions

All versions can be found at the PyPi website...

Additional Requirements

For the system to work, you will also have to have the following installed:


For more information and tutorials on the ProjexUI framework, please visit our documentation site


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Manager: Eric Hulser
Developer: Eric Hulser